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Our family legacy has been around for 4 generations

Our family legacy has been around for 4 generations. Our predecessors have passed on their love for a job well done in our vineyards, as that’s where it all starts and where the magic happens: if you want good champagne, you need good grapes.


Our work is dictated by the seasons

We’re the ones who have to adapt. Nature sometimes makes life hard for us with our temperamental climate, but it can be kind and is always full of surprises.



Our Vallée de la Marne terroir is the homeland of Pinot Meunier that features heavily in our vintages. The varieties are blended and made into champagne at our winery with the help of our wine experts. It gives our champagne an incredibly fruity personality.


The hight environmental value certificate

Respect the certificate and respect nature so it gives its all to our successors.


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